3 tips for SunBurn

Sunburn can be more dangerous than you think, and the sun is stronger than ever. In Australia, skin cancer is already one of the biggest healthcare problems, and you can even get free sunscreen on most beaches. In the Netherlands we occasionally don’t believe that the sun can cause damage, but those who have been burned really well often talk differently. Time to exchange the sun oil without factor for a good protective sunscreen. Why should we take good care of our body, but not our skin?

1. Use sunscreen

First of all, it is of course wiser to prevent than to cure. That is why we recommend that you always apply factor 50 to your face, even in winter. This is not only good against the sun, but also good against other dirt and weather conditions. A layer of factor 50 forms a protective layer over your skin, so that your skin stays beautiful and in good condition for longer. This protects against skin cancer in the longer term. Incidentally, with factor you often get just as beautiful, or even more beautiful tan than without. Burning happens faster than you think, and it certainly leaves visible marks on your face in the long run.

2. Cool down a bit

Are you burned? Then choose to avoid the sun for a few days. Wear a cap, stay in the shade and protect your shoulders with a t-shirt, even when you’re on vacation. Your skin literally and figuratively needs to ‘cool down’ and that is of course best if you avoid the cause of the burn for a while. Even if you go under the tanning bed, we advise you not to expose your face, where you often have thinner skin than on the rest of your body, to too bright radiation. Nowadays you can often choose to adjust the lamps under the tanning bed to your personal needs, including for your face.

3. Still burned? After sun!

Cucumber, aloe vera & after sun. A real burn can really hurt. To prevent sunstroke, it is wise to drink plenty of water and, as described above, to stay out of the sun. If you have been burned, we advise you to cool down your burned skin with fresh cucumber. Don’t get started with intense scrubs or other rough treatments, it’s really important to be very kind to your skin. We therefore definitely advise against cutting straps and clothing that is too tight. With cucumber you cool the skin, and with aloe vera you can treat sunburned skin well. Most after suns have these ingredients included as an ingredient, so keep lubricating and take it easy with your sun hours.

Getting burned is no fun, and it’s often really not that pretty either. That’s why we hope to have motivated you to take good care of your skin, after all you only have one. And sunscreen often also smells very nice. So lubricate well!

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