A weekend at grandpa and grandma

My grandpa and grandma live quite a distance from our house, namely 200 kilometers. Of course we think this is a pity, so we go at least once a month for a weekend to our grandparents in the polder.


When we arrive in humble Ruigenhoek, where my grandparents have lived for almost 43 years, the welcome committee is waiting for us. The dog Lola is also there. I stepped out of the car and immediately smelled the strong cow smell. My grandfather is an injection molding expert and has his own injection molding company. My grandmother supports him in this and especially takes care of the land. My grandparents are very sustainable, because they grow their own food. That is also allowed if you have such a large piece of land!

I was immediately put to work by my grandfather. My parents secretly laughed about it. While my grandmother went to drink tea with my parents, I was instructed to bring the cows inside.

It went pretty well, because I’ve done this many times before. This is how you roll up your sleeves again. The dog Lola was also nice outside.

Coffee and cake

After the ‘hard’ work it was time for a hot cup of coffee with a delicious homemade slice of cake. Grandpa told all kinds of stories about how he used to work as an injection molding expert. He explained that an (injection) mold is a tool and is suitable for serial production of plastic products. I found it very interesting, sometimes difficult to follow. Grandma has heard the story so many times that she just went to hang the laundry. The chatter went on for hours.

Sunny Sunday

We were woken up by grandpa’s rooster. The birds were chirping loudly and the sun was shining straight through the window. Is this nice waking up!

It’s nine o’clock in the morning and on my way down I smelled delicious eggs. Breakfast was already made by my grandmother. What a lovely woman she is too!

My grandfather had a few chores to do on Sunday and I wanted to help him with that before I went home. We went to shear the sheep because the weather is getting warmer again. I found this a fun activity.

It was time to go home again. I really enjoyed my time with grandpa and grandma on the land. I’ll be back in four weeks to help.

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