Analysis shows that there is a lot of volatility ahead for this crypto

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Technical analysis QNT price

Last night, the cryptocurrencies market showed a remarkable turnaround. After initially being heavily in the red, we are now seeing an increase of about 10% across the entire market, including QNT. Nevertheless, Crypto Insiders analysts still expect a significant drop. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“QNT’s price continues to fall and has reached new lows. Although the decline is not yet very strong, there is clearly a downward trend. We are in a downward C wave of an ABC-Elliott Wave pattern here. This pattern indicates that significant market turbulence is still ahead.”

Keep in mind that this analysis is already a week old, so older than last week’s crash. In retrospect, the analysts were right that quant would plummet. Once the decline continues, the analysts may be able to identify a new buy zone. A new analysis for QNT will soon be available in the Premium environment.

This analysis was shared with members on March 6. Analytics are usually shared 48 hours earlier in our Premium environment and may therefore be slightly out of date.

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