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Technical analysis MANA price

In recent weeks, decentraland’s share price has entered a downward spiral. The MANA price has already fallen almost 40% since the peak in early February. Still, this decline may lead to new opportunities, Crypto Insiders analysts report. However, the price could go a little deeper, they recently explained to Premium members:

“MANA, as expected, has sunk nicely into the green support box zone. No crucial price levels have been broken, but it is important to take into account that the price may still fall towards the bottom of the green box towards $0.4767.

We would rather not see the price go below $0.4160. Should this happen, we expect new lows. In the Premium environment, we will soon share a new analysis to map the further progress.”

Decentraland (MANA) TA
This analysis is from March 9. Analytics are usually shared 48 hours earlier in our Premium environment and may therefore be slightly out of date.

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