And the winner is…Opel. Opel Combo!

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When Adam Opel started his company in 1862, it would be another 37 years before the first car left the factory. Adam started out with the production of sewing machines, but fortunately later decided to build cars. Opel would never disappear as a car brand, and is still popular. For years, the brand had the image of a certain bourgeoisness. Thorough, without too much frills and above all: reliable. That time is long behind us. The new Opel Combo also proves this.

Opel Combo is the van of the year 2021.

It’s Opel…really, it’s Opel. With the new Combo that has been named the delivery van of the year 2021. We already saw it with the Insignia among passenger cars. A reward for all efforts to get a completely different face. Retaining the carefully constructed image of reliability, but participating in the higher segment. Without stuffiness, but modestly sporty. And Opel succeeded particularly well. And now with their new commercial vehicle: the Opel Combo that received excellent reviews. It is worthy of congratulations!

Already voted International Van of the Year in 2019.

A jury of automotive journalists from no less than 25 countries already chose the new Opel Combo as Van of Year in 2019. The special thing is that the new Opel Combo does not really excel at anything, but that the sum of averages still leads to a great delivery van. Furthermore, the great driving pleasure and the innovative driver assistance systems are mentioned. The overload indicator is particularly striking. Opel also traditionally offers a wide range of engines and versions. That naturally appeals to many business users. After all, customization is possible to the utmost.

It is striking that many customers with van insurance here, stay with Opel

It is striking that the choice for Opel is often a choice for the long term among the customers who have taken out their delivery van insurance at If Opel is replaced, there will usually be another Opel. So apparently you don’t just have die-hard Mercedes drivers, Opel also has such a group.

It’s great that it wasn’t the most expensive van in the top segment that received this special prize.

Kees van den Berg


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