Bitcoin takes the lead in the green market, yet these cryptos are rising faster

The crypto market turns green for a second day in a row and again almost all prices are in the plus. This is somewhat of a recovery from last week’s decline, but currently also appears to be the result of investors seeking refuge from banking problems. Sentiment is starting to turn, but analysts doubt that this is a new bull run, but rather think of a bear market rally like a month ago. Despite this, crypto’s total market cap is up 7% to $1.12 trillion.

Bitcoin bounces at $24,500

Bitcoin (BTC) is taking the lead in the crypto market again due to the problems at the banks. The dominance of the mother of all cryptocurrencies has jumped to 43.8%. The BTC price rose by almost 10% on Sunday and by almost 11% in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin failed to break through $24,500 overnight, but the price is about to retest this price. Will Bitcoin succeed now?

Ethereum Goerli testnet update launches today

Ethereum (ETH) has been correlating very strongly with bitcoin lately, but rose slightly less sharply yesterday. The ETH price was rejected at $1,700 and has been seeking traction at $1,680 ever since. This means that ETH is still 6.2% up today. Later today the “Shapella” update will launch on the Goerli testnet, the last phase before the real work on the mainnet.

Crypto top 10 in green, but rising less quickly

The rest of the top 10 lags even further behind. Ripple (XRP) already lingered on Sunday and today the price is only 1.8% up. XRP was rejected at USD 0.38 yesterday and is dropping below USD 0.37 this morning. Cardano (ADA) held a little stronger overnight, but lost traction this morning at $0.345, leaving the share price up just 2.7%. We see such a pattern with Binance coin (BNB), which is up 2.8% today at $306.7.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is already rising a bit faster and although the price did not hold above $ 0.73 this morning, DOGE is still up 4.2% today. The same goes for polygon (MATIC). The MATIC price lost grip at $1.18, but is still up 4.3% at 1.16.

Crypto top 100 fastest risers

In the top 100 we do find a series of prices that have risen even faster than bitcoin in the past 24 hours. For example, stacks (STX), gmx (GMX) and fantom (FTM) are already 11% up today.

Optimism (OP) and synthetix (SNX) are up more than 12%. Rocket pool (RPL) is even up 14%, okb (OKB) 16% and whitebit (WBT) no less than 18%.

The fastest riser today from the top 100 is again conflux (CFX). The CFX price has been the fastest riser on the market lately. With a price of $0.25, CFX is up almost 32% today and even up 340% from a month ago and 830% from 3 months ago.

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