the renewed Alfa Romeo Giulia facelift

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been subtly facelifted. The news is not very big, but it is enough reason for us to put together one of the nicest sedans to our own taste. Alfa Romeo is working on expanding the model range, but in the tradition of the brand, those new models will have to … Read more

You can read this in AutoWeek 11

We will inform you further about private lease. We also test a Renault Austral, a Nio EL7 and a Lexus RZ 450e. In Klokje Rond this time an American battleship, and what is on the Rolling Bench is also impressive. We take a look at contract automakers and see what we’re missing from the Toyota … Read more

Kia EV9: seven-seat electric flagship

Highlights Kia EV9 New electric flagship SUV with up to seven seats The next step in Kia’s design How often does it happen that the final production version of a model is a much watered down version of the concept car with which the spectators were delighted? Kia doesn’t want to know about that. At … Read more

Hongqi S9 not in production in Italy after all

According to reports from Automotive News Europe, the Silk Sports Car Company simply cannot make ends meet. One of the reasons is that the government of the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna does not dare to make a promised contribution of several million euros. It doesn’t come as a surprise at all, because the plans seemed … Read more

V12-Zenvo is called Zenvo Aurora

Aurora, Aurora…hasn’t a car been named after the aurora before? So yes: the Oldsmobile Aurora. That (as far as yours truly is concerned) sedan was in American showrooms between 1994 and 2003. Complaints from Oldsmobile about the name Zenvo should not be expected, because the GM brand has not existed since 2004. Oldsmobile Aurora Moreover, … Read more

Why you don’t want a Toyota bZ4X when it’s cold

(Afbeelding: The World of Technology) Electric cars have trouble with low temperatures. That is physics and the manufacturers can do little to change that. And yet some electric cars perform better in the cold than others… The Finnish car magazine Tekniikan Maailma conducted a winter test with eight electric cars: the BMW i4, Hyundai Ioniq … Read more