‘Voluntary is not optional’ – NRC

The case ‘Job guards wanted’. When a South Hollander sees this advertisement for a temporary skating rink in Vlaardingen, he immediately thinks that this job is made for him. From December 14, 2019 to January 11, 2020, volunteers are being sought to supervise the skating rink. An information evening follows and all volunteers receive a … Read more

EU wants smart contracts to get ‘kill switch’

The European Parliament (EP) has passed a bill requiring that smart contracts contain a so-called ‘kill switch’. The purpose of the kill switch is to allow authorities to halt or modify the execution of a smart contract in the event of illegal activity, security vulnerabilities or other unforeseen events. Does this jeopardize the existence of … Read more

Shareholders are suing Silicon Valley Bank

Last week, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) ran into trouble. Until recently, the bank was one of the largest banks in the United States, but after a bank run, the bank had to close its doors. However, according to various sources, there is more going on and major mistakes have been made behind the scenes. On … Read more

Expected US interest rate decision sees shift

The economic developments in the United States remain of great importance worldwide. We are currently eagerly awaiting the latest interest rate decision from the US Federal Reserve and the release of inflation data for February. However, recent events in the US banking sector have lowered expectations for rate hikes and may overshadow the release of … Read more

Brussels wants to better protect consumers after the major shocks on the electricity market

How radical does the European energy market need to be overhauled after the gigantic price shocks of the past year? Only recently, the most far-reaching proposals for government intervention in energy prices were discussed in Brussels. But now that the crisis has subsided somewhat, the enthusiasm for far-reaching reforms also seems to have diminished considerably. … Read more

Solana price rises 37.5%, is it time to sell?

Crypto Insiders Premium members receive new weekly technical analysis on more than 20 cryptocurrencies. You will also come into contact with experienced traders, analysts and a community of more than 1,000 members. In this article, we share a recent analysis of solana (SOL) previously shared in our premium group. Are you not yet a member … Read more