We’ll take the bike!

Recently we have been able to see the effect of a pandemic. In fact, it touches every aspect of life. First of all, of course, on global health and thus the healthcare systems. Then on to the economy. It exposes certain vulnerabilities in our systems: how important it is to have access to good healthcare, … Read more

Multivitamins in winter: do they really work?

In the winter you often catch a cold and a wave of flu regularly floods our country. Influenza cases usually start around October and the virus continues to circulate until April when the winter days really come to an end. Whether the flu virus spreads depends on the temperature. In dry and cold periods, the … Read more


Sometimes it just seems so nice to me; someone who tells me exactly what to eat and what exercises to do that day. But also for me a personal trainer and a nutritionist is too expensive. In any case, they must come from a good background, because I will no longer be fooled. At the … Read more

3 tips for SunBurn

Sunburn can be more dangerous than you think, and the sun is stronger than ever. In Australia, skin cancer is already one of the biggest healthcare problems, and you can even get free sunscreen on most beaches. In the Netherlands we occasionally don’t believe that the sun can cause damage, but those who have been … Read more

Health comes first!

Now that the summer is over and the colder weather is setting in, it is of course incredibly tempting to snuggle up on the couch under a blanket. An evening of hanging out on the couch is of course not complete without something delicious. For many people, winter is therefore associated with less exercise during … Read more