CBS: Inflation is rising again for the first time in months

Inflation increased last February compared to last month. This is evident from an initial estimate by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on Thursday. It is the first time in months that inflation has not decreased. Inflation in February was 8.0 percent compared to last year. In January, inflation fell to 7.6 percent.

Energy prices are still falling, but the costs of groceries, among other things, continue to rise. In February, food prices were 15.1 percent more expensive than in 2022. Prices of industrial goods and services also increased last month. Compared to 2022, industrial goods have become 8.7 percent more expensive.

According to the European calculation method, inflation also increased. This method, the European harmonized consumer price index (HICP), does not take into account the cost of housing. In January, according to this calculation, inflation was still 8.4 percent, in February life became 8.9 percent more expensive compared to a year earlier.

Correction (March 2, 2023): An earlier version of this article stated that inflation in the Eurozone has also increased. That is not yet known and has been adjusted above.

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