Celebrate International Barbie Day with these pink occasions

No, International Barbie Day has nothing to do with Samantha de Jong from Oh Oh Cherso! Today we ‘celebrate’ that Barbie – the doll – has turned sixty-one years old. And we give her a number of pink occasions to choose from.

The Fiat 500 was once delivered in Barbie pink and so was the Nissan Micra C + C, but we will ignore that. A birthday present should be a bit of fun, of course.

Porsche 911 Barbie
(Image: Porsche Center Leusden)

Porsche 911 GTS – 267.212 euro

An occasion from 2023? Yes, this Porsche 911 GTS is for sale at Porsche Center Leusden and has almost 3000 kilometers on the clock. It is painted in a legendary color: Rubystone Red.

Would the seats in this Barbie Maserati Grecale be unhealthy thin?

The hue made its debut on the 1991 964 RS and is somewhere between pink and purple. Porsche now calls the color Ruby Star Neo and charges an additional cost of 2865 euros for it.

Alpine A110 Barbie
(Image: Munsterhuis Renault)

Alpine A110 – 83.174 euro

Rose Bruyère is the name of the color of this Alpine A110. It belongs to a special version of the French sports car, the South Beach Colorway. Incidentally, the car is strictly speaking not a used car, because there is only 25 kilometers on the counter.

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The A110 South Beach Colorway also came in another color, Blue Azur. White alloy wheels are always standard on the limited edition.

Abarth 595 Barbie
(Image: EHD Automotive)

Abarth 595 – 24.900 euro

This cheerful Fiat 500 is not a Fiat 500. The scorpion logo on the nose betrays that we are dealing with an Abarth 595. Otherwise, the deeper front spoiler and the double exhausts do.

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By the way, it’s great to see how timeless the design of the 500 is. The compact Fiat came on the market sixteen years ago and still does not look outdated.

Ford Fairlane Barbie
(Image: Green car company)

Ford Fairlane – 9950 euro

When Barbie was one year old, this Ford Fairlane was built. The large American sedan is from 1960 and comes along in a wonderfully pronounced sixties color: light pink with a white roof.

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Nowadays all cars have a black or gray interior, but in the past manufacturers sometimes used some color. The pink of the outside is simply reflected on the dashboard in this Ford.

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Celebrate International Barbie Day with these pink occasions

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