Gasunie CEO Han Fennema steps down after ‘exceptional year’ due to war in Ukraine

Han Fennema is stepping down as CEO of Gasunie after almost ten years. The state gas company announced this on Wednesday at the presentation of the annual figures for 2022. Fennema will step down at her own request in September.

Pieter Duisenberg, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Gasunie, praises Fennema’s “down-to-earth leadership”. The company has now started the search for a successor.

Gasunie calls 2022 an “exceptional year” in the statement. Due to the war in Ukraine, the company had to make great efforts to guarantee security of supply. For example, Gasunie built an LNG terminal in the Eemshaven in Groningen, which could be used to compensate for shortages resulting from the reduced gas supply from Russia.

Sales increase

Due to the reversal of gas flows, the company also received a lot of extra demand from customers for capacity in the Gasunie network in the Netherlands and Germany, which led to an increase in turnover by 872 million euros to 2,257 million euros. Below the line, a result of 555 million euros remained. Because Gasunie is a legal monopoly company, the majority of the extra turnover in the coming years will be returned to the customer in the form of lower rates.

Gasunie also announced that it would lower the book value of the Nord Stream pipelines to 0 euros. The company has a 9 percent share in the gas pipeline sabotaged last year, which was built to transport Russian gas through the Baltic Sea to Germany. In July last year, Gasunie already reduced the book value from 508 million to 240 million euros.

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