Germany forms alliance with other countries for ‘2035’

Germany forms alliance with other countries for '2035'

In Germany they are far from finished with those dreaded European plans for 2035. For those who missed it – almost impossible – from 2035, all cars sold new in the EU must be ’emission-free’. That seemed definitive, but in European politics you never know for sure. The final character has been a lot less firm for a while now, because the mighty Germany seems to disagree with the plans. Germany especially wants room in the plans for other drive methods than the battery-electric car, for example clean(er) fuels. The country would even have managed to make that a possibility in the plans, but so far those changes would not have actually been implemented. Our eastern neighbors also find Italy on their side. That country seems to find ‘100 percent emission-free’ simply too rigorous and warns of the enormous consequences that the plans could have for the European car industry. Transport ministers from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia met this week to discuss the plans, Reuters says. These EU countries would all like changes to the plan. For example, a separate category should be created for cars with internal combustion engines that run on synthetic or otherwise clean fuels.

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