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Damage Flooding is often not covered by home contents insurance and building insurance

The images of the enormous damage caused by floods are on the retina of all of us. July, 2021. In the east of Belgium, in the west of Germany, up to Roermond with us, you see that total devastation everywhere. It’s actually only now dawning on me, what powers large amounts of water have. Houses, cars and even trucks are dragged along as if they were plastic toys. And because a lot of water comes from the major rivers, mud is also released. Lots of mud. Is flood damage insured? More often than not, then….

Main rule: flood damage is usually not covered. Unless…

Damage caused by a flood is not covered on the contents insurance and the home insurance. It’s that simple. Fortunately, there are certain exceptions. It is a fairly technical story, but it comes down to how the flood originated. From an insurance point of view, not every flood is the same. If you want to be able to rely on your insurance, the flood must be the result of serious local precipitation. Precipitation that fell directly on or against your house, or in the immediate vicinity of it.

Water that then enters your house through the street, because the sewer system can no longer handle it, is then covered. So such a flood is assured. Damage caused by other types of flooding is therefore a rule not insured. A few insurers are expanding the cover a little bit, but that doesn’t mean much at the moment.

Is flooding covered by car insurance?

The WA limited hull and the WA full hull car insurance do provide coverage for damage as a result of all types of flooding, often without a no-claim loss, but an excess applies.

When is there no cover for flood damage in any case?

There is no cover on your insurance if, for example, the flood was caused by rivers and ditches bursting their banks. However, dike breaches, flooding from the sea or the overflowing of flood defenses or locks are also not insured. Only heavy ones local precipitation can therefore, under certain conditions, provide cover.

What does the government do?

The Compensation for Disasters and Major Accidents Act (Wts) offers some solution for uninsured claims. The Wts offers compensation from the government for damages that are not insurable. For the damage in South Limburg, compensation will follow from the Wts. It The outgoing cabinet has decided to formally regard the floods in Limburg as a disaster.

Insurers say they will reimburse all damage in Valkenburg…

Everyone in Valkenburg, and far beyond, naturally thought of their insurance when the consequences of the drama became visible. Flooded cellars and houses, mud everywhere, cars that were crumpled. Terrible scenes. The Dutch Association of Insurers was quick to declare that they “will reimburse everything”

That is beautiful.

And it is good for the image of the industry to hover above the poor affected as a savior in the midst of all emotions. Victims who have lost much, if not all, quickly expressed gratitude, although they paid a premium for any compensation. Hoping to have a good insurance package.

But I have yet to see it all.

See here insurers, flood damage. Make it happen now!

Certainly, very strong precipitation fell in Valkenburg and the surrounding area, which caused the streets to overflow. There should therefore be coverage for this type of flooding. But to what extent have the downpours played a role elsewhere? How much water came to Valkenburg as a result of overflowing rivers such as the Maas, far outside the town. As we saw, there is no cover for that….

And, if we look at each other honestly, that is also somewhat understandable. This type of damage from flooding can be so enormous that no insurer can cope with it. That is why, for example, the consequences of nuclear reactions and volcanic eruptions cannot be insured. But I hope that people will put their heads together and generously, without legal nitpicking, will indeed reimburse everything. It would be good for the good name of the insurance company. And you could ease a lot of personal suffering a little bit in Limburg.

When the Association of Insurers plays the Symphony of Compassion, to shine for a moment at the supreme moment, false notes often sounded in the past.

Let’s hope there is a good conductor now…..

Kees van den Berg


Kees van den Berg was an inspector at Delta Lloyd for a number of years. He has been an independent insurance adviser since 1988. Insurance on the internet has grown rapidly, but consumers and entrepreneurs often miss human contact. Depremie has therefore remained an ordinary “old-fashioned” insurance office. With the personal service of the past and the digital technology of today.

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