Lynk & Co 08: SUV from the side for Europe

Lynk & Co 08: side view SUV destined for Europe

Lynk & In its home country of China, Co sells an arsenal of models that you do not know at all in Europe. From compact SUVs to a sedan and from its own version of the Volvo XC90 to a hatchback. At the end of this month, Lynk & Co in China for the 08, a new SUV that may also come to Europe and therefore the Netherlands. A second model can Lynk & Make good use of Co in the Netherlands. The plug-in hybrid 01 is currently the only model of the brand here. It does good business with that and so Lynk & Co likes nothing more than translating the 01 success into a second model. The Lynk & The Co 08 will probably be a bit bigger than the 4.54 meter long 01, but just like that car it will not be an EV. At least, not for the time being anyway. The Lynk & Co 08 will receive a variant of Lynk & Co’s new plug-in hybrid powertrain. Lynk & Co has previously depicted the 08, but now the brand shows the full side view of the car. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu, where Lynk & Co’s majority-owned parent company Geely is partly responsible for the software and infotainment portion of the Lynk & Co 08.

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