Mitsubishi ASX – Back to Basics

Mitsubishi ASX - Back to Basics

Mitsubishi ASX Pure, €29,290 Yes, the new ASX may be a ‘borrowed’ product; also at Mitsubishi you really have something to choose from with this model. So it is not the case that Mitsubishi knocked on Renault’s door and said: give me a couple of Capturs with the most popular powertrain. No, Mitsubishi has a full-fledged product in its range with the ASX, for which it can also offer a choice. That starts with the powertrains, because there are no fewer than five power variants of the ASX. Two mild hybrid four-cylinder turbos, a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a three-cylinder turbo without any electrical support. The latter is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, churning out up to 90 hp and is only available in combination with the two cheapest trim levels, the Intense and the Pure, with the Pure being the entry-level model. You can recognize that version by the lack of roof rails and privacy glass, because all other versions do have those things. An ASX in Pure version is – just like the Intense – on 17-inch alloy wheels and is only available in three colors. A metallic gray or black (+ €600) or a non-metallic dark blue, the free option. That’s where choosing when compiling an ASX with the entry-level engine also ends, because otherwise there are zero choices to make when composing. This does not only apply to the upholstery, for example, but to absolutely everything: there are no separate options available on an ASX in Pure or Intense version. A reversing camera on the spot where Renault would have stuck its logo. Interior Whether that is a punishment? Well that is not too bad. The standard upholstery is indeed ‘ordinary’ fabric, but of the slightly more frivolous kind. That’s not so much in the use of color (grey-black), but in the design. The upholstery has pieces of relief, contrasting stitching and two different fabrics. Certainly doesn’t look cheap. The dashboard, on the other hand, is a bit sober. Contrasting quasi-chrome accents are reserved for more expensive versions and the infotainment screen is also one of the modest kind. You can operate the radio (six speakers) and the wireless version of Apple Carplay and Android Auto via a surface with a diameter of 7 inches. You also have air conditioning, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera and four electrically operated side windows in the entry-level ASX. All-round LED daytime running lights ensure good visibility, LED headlights in combination with heated side mirrors for good visibility. The driver’s seat is adjustable in six directions for a comfortable seat. Once on the road, your ASX helps you reach your destination safely by means of lane keep assist, an emergency braking system and traffic sign recognition, among other things. The cheapest ASX or the cheapest Captur? All in all, the ASX does not really drop stitches. We also expected something from it, because the model has a higher starting price than its brother Renault Captur. That car stands for from € 28,325 in the price lists and is therefore € 965 cheaper in the base. But: the Renault does not have parking sensors and a reversing camera as standard and has a shorter warranty period. You can drive carefree for at least five years with the Mitsubishi. If you like that idea, then the Mitsubishi is worth its extra price compared to the Captur.

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