Renault Espace (1986) – Enthusiast Wanted

Renault Espace (1986) - Enthusiast Wanted

Well, given the history of this Espace, the first impression is not necessarily favorable. The car has already covered almost 300,000 kilometers and has had eight private owners – and another slew of car companies – since it was imported to the Netherlands in 2011. None of the private individuals had owned it for more than a year and a half and the car companies probably stood still. As if the Espace should have already retired and every private individual did not know how quickly he or she had to get rid of it. The upholstery and paintwork still seem neat and the car is for sale at a Renault garage that also offers fairly extensive delivery packages with guarantees. In addition, space does not lose its value. And spacious, that is the Espace. Even behind the third row of seats, a lot of groceries fit and transporting seven people is a piece of cake for the Renault. That while the dimensions are downright modest by modern standards and the weight (1,240 kg) – and therefore the road tax – is not too bad. In fact: just a little while and the Renault will be 40 years old, so that the tax no longer plays a role at all. In addition, the engine is nothing special, relatively simple and yet somewhat potent. Four cylinders, five gears, 108 hp. All in all, you understand: this Espace is unprecedentedly spacious, not expensive in terms of fixed costs and, with an asking price of € 4,950, is also not available for purchase. Do you need space and are you charmed by the model, then there might be quite something to make. The fact that the asking price is not high may not come out of the blue. As described, the history is unclear and in all probability largely unknown. That is why we mention the possibility of the extensive delivery packages. The muddled history offers some room for negotiation, especially if it can be demonstrated that the car has mainly stood still since its arrival in the Netherlands. Perhaps the provider will take a good look at the car for you for not too much extra money. New fluids, maybe some new rubbers and a little warranty, and completely anxious you don’t have to sit there initially. A few more years and a first-generation Espace is truly a museum piece and then it may easily be worth larger investments to keep it on the road. There are no modern equivalents, although newer stuff probably offers you more security. So the question is: who still dares to use a lived-in Espace? That person can go to the extreme southwestern corner of the Netherlands, because there he is for sale. If you live far from there, you will at least have a good test drive ahead of you.

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