Rhion Verzekeringen introduces a new insurance package.

Rhion Verzekeringen with the new home contents insurance, building insurance and a new insurance package at Depremie Comparison.nl

Rhion Verzekeringen is coming to the Netherlands with a new insurance package. And that is a good development for the Dutch consumer. Because the many mergers in the Netherlands between insurers unfortunately make the flush thinner and thinner. And too little competition is never good for the customer. After all, there must be sufficient choice if you want to take out a new insurance package. However, slowly but surely, more and more foreign insurers are coming to our country. And not the least! Rhion Verzekeringen, for example, is a large German insurer with an excellent reputation and part of Rheinland Versicherungs AG

Rhion Verzekeringen’s insurance package consists of excellent coverage.

The package insurance, which has been specially developed for the Netherlands, offers the following insurance:

That doesn’t seem earth-shattering, but there are some interesting extras attached to each cover. It’s all a bit more thoughtful and customer-friendly than we’re used to. German solidity probably. And it is therefore good that newcomer Rhion Verzekeringen is giving Dutch insurers a good wake-up call. In any case, I am happy for my clients, because I also get more opportunities for good advice.

Home insurance

Rhion Verzekeringen’s home insurance has no deductible as standard, except for the normal amount for storm damage (Euro 250). It is also striking that this cover can be arranged entirely according to your own wishes:

  • the glass is insured as standard (not for apartments) and also without a deductible.
  • a guarantee against underinsurance of up to Euro 1,000,000 is also included
  • special again: the charging station for your car, but solar panels are also automatically insured;
  • a voluntary deductible provides attractive premium savings.
  • Rhion Insurance has its own recovery network. If you have opted for a voluntary extra deductible and you use this Rhion network, this will result in a 50% discount on this deductible.

Contents insurance

The new household contents insurance from Rhion Verzekeringen also does not have a standard excess, except for certain components. I would like to inform you about this. It is also striking that your office inventory or tools for your profession are automatically insured up to Euro 15,000. You can also put together the contents insurance yourself:

  • possibly expandable with glass insurance;
  • outdoor coverage is available if desired;
  • audio and computer equipment are insured without limitation;
  • the contents of a student in rooms are, subject to certain conditions, co-insured.

Rhion insurance has also opted for ample insured amounts for personal jewelery (Euro 15,000) and special possessions (also standard Euro 15,000).

Personal Liability Insurance (AVP)

Again, ample coverage: the insured amount on the AVP of Rhion Verzekeringen is EUR 5,000,000, which is a big difference with the competition. There is one point: an excess of Euro 250 for damage you cause to mobile equipment of others.

Rhion policy conditions

Here you will find the Rhion policy conditions.

Rhion Insurance premiums the package discount

The premiums are, as it turned out after a number of test calculations, extremely competitive. Especially if a slightly higher deductible is chosen. There is also a package discount that can be up to 7%. This percentage is achieved with four insurance policies. Because you can also place car insurance with Rhion, you can put together a very affordable package insurance.

Check your insurance package policies again. That is always wise and you can see that there may be a lot of improvement. can become.

Kees van den Berg


Kees van den Berg was an inspector at Delta Lloyd for a number of years. He has been an independent insurance adviser since 1988. Insurance on the internet has grown rapidly, but consumers and entrepreneurs often miss human contact. Depremie Comparison.nl has therefore remained an ordinary “old-fashioned” insurance office. With the personal service of the past and the digital technology of today.

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