“Rivian also wants to sell Amazon bus to others”

The delivery van in question is simply called ‘EDV’ (Electric Delivery Van’) and comes in three different sizes. The EDV 500, EDV 700 and EDV 900 were developed by Rivian, but on the outside only bear features of e-commerce company Amazon. Not surprising, because the EDV was developed especially for and on behalf of Amazon and has so far only been sold to that trading giant.Judging by the word of a number of insiders, quoted by Automotive News via The Wall Street Journal, those conditions can be met. sometimes come to an end. Rivian is said to be in talks with Amazon about being able to store the bus with other customers as well. One of the reasons is said to be the changing economic climate. The fact that Amazon will order ‘only’ 10,000 buses this year is also mentioned That is still within the margins of the previous agreements, but would be at the lower limit. In total, Amazon has signed for at least 100,000 of the buses, which are all intended to improve the work of to make Amazon delivery as easy and comfortable as possible. While neither company has specifically commented on the rumours, Amazon doesn’t seem averse to the idea. “We have always said that ultimately we want others to benefit from their (Rivian, ed.) technology,” a spokesperson is said to have said.

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