The cooling tips for the summer

During Easter we have already had a number of beautiful days. Then the weather turned colder and it was even going to snow. Now I have to say that I have not seen the snow, but the temperature has definitely dropped in the meantime and the necessary rain and hail have fallen. The scarves were pulled out of the closet again and the summer dresses went back for a while. But now we are hitting twenty degrees again and as I write this, I think: I could use some cooling. But what are the nicest and, perhaps more importantly, the nicest cooling method. In this blog I will tell you all about cooling tips for the summer. We can all put a wet washcloth on our forehead, but that is not really fun.

Water balloons and water guns

No one is ever too old for fun. And when it gets warmer, you often see children flocking outside, armed with balloons full of water and fully loaded squirt guns. This is one of the nicest ways to cool down. Gather your friends for an afternoon of good old-fashioned competitive water balloon fighting. Keep the score (or not) and let the losers pay for an ice cream. Before you know it everyone is hanging limp with laughter while you’re completely soaked and the drops roll off you.

Splash around a bit

If you’re looking for a more relaxing method without too much action, the pool might be a good idea. And no, I don’t mean such a busy swimming pool with a hundred screaming children who run back and forth and make bombs. For example, consider a swimming pool in your own garden. That’s not so difficult. You can of course opt for an inflatable pool, but maybe you are afraid that it will break too quickly or you do not have a pump to inflate it. In that case you can also opt for an intex swimming pool. A kind of semi-permanent swimming pool that you can remove when the weather gets colder, but which can take a beating if necessary. Plus, it doesn’t have to be built in, which makes a difference.

Just put it cold

And of course the age-old cooling tip cannot be missed: a cold drink. Fill the glass with ice and pour in your favorite snack. For example, make fresh lemonade yourself! Or do you go for a classic beer or glass of wine. It’s delicious anyway!

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