The Dutch are the most ‘crypto curious’

The crypto industry has grown rapidly in recent years, but growth in the Netherlands lagged far behind that in many other countries. But a lot can change in a short time, if it is up to DuaCrypto’s research. In the Netherlands, crypto would have become extremely popular.

Crypto is nowhere more popular in Europe

This organization has conducted a survey to find out which European country is most interested in crypto. For this, the platform took the monthly search volume on the topic and mapped it to the population of each country. In the Netherlands, cryptocurrency is searched for almost 2.3 million times a month, bringing it to 0.13 searches per capita.

The next country to come close is Slovenia, with 0.118 searches per capita. Switzerland is third with a value of 0.089. It is striking that this number in Germany and Belgium with results of 0.077 and 0.069 searches per capita respectively.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular coin in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Dogecoin (DOGE) is in second place in all three countries, but Cardano (ADA) is in third place in the Netherlands. Of all 46 countries studied, the Netherlands is the only one to have Cardano in the list, although Kosovo, Monaco and the Vatican have not been researched on which coins are most interesting. Germany and Belgium both choose Ethereum (ETH) for third place.

Crypto adoption in the Netherlands has grown rapidly

Not so long ago, the Netherlands was home to the smallest number of crypto owners in Western Europe. A lack of knowledge was an important reason for this, but a perceived lack of security and the high volatility were also important reasons.

Not much later it turned out that the number of Dutch people with crypto has grown to 14% of the Dutch population, or about 2 million people. The European Central Bank (ECB) came up with roughly comparable figures. The institute also explained how many investors invested in the asset class.

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