The electric Lexus RZ 450e does what Tesla can’t

What makes this Lexus RZ 450e different from all those other all-electric SUVs? His platform and a large part of the technology are not, because he shares them with his group colleagues Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra. But there are indeed significant differences, including a startling one.

Okay, we will no longer ignore the biggest news: this Lexus RZ 450e no longer has a steering wheel, but a yoke, English for tiller handle. Such a very small, completely flattened steering wheel, which we also know from motorsport.

Lexus RZ 450e with flattened aircraft steering wheel

But what do you do with that in a normal car, let alone an electric SUV without real sports pretensions? Especially your technical ability to emphasize and show that you are innovative, it seems.

Dive into the price list: the first all-electric Lexus

But to what extent is this One Motion Grip steering system actually? Doesn’t Tesla already offer such a yoke? That’s right, but this system is steer-by-wire and has no physical, mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.

Unlike Toyota and Subaru always 4WD

Before we start, let’s mention what distinguishes this Lexus from the aforementioned Toyota and Subaru. Not only design and brand name differ, as it turns out upon closer inspection.

First of all, this Lexus always has four-wheel drive and more power, which the previously introduced duo from the same group does not have. This Lexus has 313 hp, or 230 kW, and that generous power is divided between two engines: in the front e-axle is a 204 hp (150 kW) strong electric motor, in the rear is a copy of 109 hp (80 kW). integrated.

Real Lexus with lots of luxury and equipment

The battery is a familiar story, because we know it from the Toyota and Subaru models. The Li-ion pack has a gross capacity of 71.4 kWh and a net capacity of 64 kWh. Also very important to convince the consumer is the 10-year warranty that Lexus dares to offer, on the battery even 15 years or no less than one million kilometers.

Shift gears yourself in an electric car? Lexus is working on it!

If you try to capture the modern, but not too extremely designed SUV with the tape measure, you will see that the RZ is 4.80 meters long. That is slightly longer than the bZ4x, but the wheelbase is the same at 2.85 meters. Furthermore, it is a real Lexus with lots of luxury and equipment with a novelty here and there.

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    6 dec 2022,

    Shift gears yourself in an electric car? Lexus is working on it!

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