The importance of a pleasant working environment

At the beginning of this year, we moved with my work to a new office building. This took some getting used to for everyone. The old building was small and outdated, but we had turned it into a cozy workplace together. The new building is modern and is located just outside the city, which is a bit different. But my employer thinks it’s important that we have a nice workplace, so we’re going to make the new building a familiar place again.

Everything new

Of course it was great that everything was new that really gave everyone a new boost. But it was a lot bigger and we all thought that was less cozy. We also started with flexible workplaces, which meant that no one has their own desk anymore. This was really a bit different working, but our employer has ensured that there are now different types of workplaces and that there are enough workplaces so that there is no need for irritation. Even the employer did not have a permanent place and that really gave us the feeling that he wanted to create a good working atmosphere for us and with us. To paint a picture, the office is divided into different areas. We have two closed areas that are for meetings and discussions because sometimes you need privacy. There are also silent sections that you share with other colleagues, but there is no talking and no calls are accepted. The other places are standing desks and regular classic desks that you can sit at that are divided into blocks of four places. It was really different from the flexible workplaces, but now everyone also sees the advantage of it because you often work with others around you and in a different place, which makes it different every day.

The institution

Much attention has been paid to the furnishings. They have opted for calm colors and consciously opted for good office furniture. Nice desks and good chairs are conducive to your progress at work. There are a lot of plants in the office and I personally think that’s really great. It looks nice and it is good for the oxygen in the office. The office is also cleaned every day. This is really a professional cleaning because the office is spick and span every day. This is very important for a pleasant working environment because this means that everyone also keeps it clean and you start every day with fresh courage.

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