We’ll take the bike!

Recently we have been able to see the effect of a pandemic. In fact, it touches every aspect of life. First of all, of course, on global health and thus the healthcare systems. Then on to the economy. It exposes certain vulnerabilities in our systems: how important it is to have access to good healthcare, how dependent companies are on buyers and suppliers and how directly related this is to employment. But although the reason is of course very sad, we have also seen very positive effects at the same time.

Wake up guns

It was of course very annoying to have little freedom of movement, but this also ensured that some people actually found it very nice not to have to do so much anymore. For them, a benevolent peace arose in their daily lives. We also saw spectacular photos of people living in the Himalayas who could suddenly see the snowy peaks of the impressive mountain range from two hundred kilometers away. With the traffic, the smog had also cleared, giving them suddenly a beautiful view. Both the negative and the positive effects have woken us up. We can try to repair the vulnerabilities by, for example, organizing the healthcare system better, we can bring more peace into our lives without the need for a pandemic and we are more aware of the benefits of clean air, which means we can do more focus on, for example, electric driving. The latter was also put in the spotlight in a different way due to the corona crisis.

The demand for e-bikes on the rise

In several large cities it suddenly became clear how nice it was that they were not completely full of motorized transport. Suddenly pedestrians and cyclists were given space in the city, which created a great demand from abroad for e-bikes from the Netherlands. In Paris, Los Angeles, Lima and Milan: people took to cycling everywhere. Governments even took the opportunity to build or expand cycle paths. This ensures that the positive effect can be maintained in the long term. Many Dutch people also bought an e-bike. It is healthy, better for the environment than a car and you can easily travel long distances with it. If you are going to buy an e-bike, headwind and a steep hill are no longer a problem. There is a specific model available for every type of cyclist. Think of an electric city bike or transport bike, or e-bikes with a low entry, but they are also available as a folding bike or cargo bike. Cyclists are so happy with their new acquisition that demand for e-bikes can be expected to continue to rise, regardless of whether or not there will be a second wave of coronavirus infections. A very positive effect!

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