Why you are going to pay your blue to your car insurance

You don’t get enough mileage allowance, we already wrote this morning, and now driving a car is also becoming much more expensive. Why? Because car insurance premiums are skyrocketing.

You pay more than 10 percent more for your car insurance, according to comparison site Independer. Last year, motorists paid an average of 821 euros in annual premiums. That amount is now 11 percent higher, at 912 euros.

Car insurance more expensive due to inflation

The website Autoverzekering.nl reports something similar. Consumers will pay an average of 728 euros for third-party insurance this year. That is about 65 euros more than in 2022.

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We are all in a vicious circle in that regard, because the increase in insurance premiums is due to the fact that everything has become more expensive: gas, electricity, car parts, et cetera.

Almost all of you get too little mileage allowance

When insurers pay damage to a car, they have to deal with repair companies that pass on their higher costs in the rates. And that is passed on in the premium.

Increase implemented at policy renewal

Incidentally, it is not the case that the premium has already gone up for everyone. Insurance companies implement increases the moment a policy is renewed. So if that hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re still in luck.

Switching to another company?

What can you do to make your car insurance cheaper? Independer does a ‘We van WC-duck…’ and advises to compare. Perhaps switching to another airline is just less expensive.

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Of course you can also go down a step, from all-risk to WA+, or from WA+ to WA. You may also choose to take a higher deductible.

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Why you are going to pay your blue to your car insurance

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