You want this occasion: Maserati 430, ‘civilized powerhouse’

Autovisie is always looking for used cars for enthusiasts and therefore searches through the lists of the sales site This time we found a Maserati 430.

The Maserati 430 came on the market in 1987 and is the top model of the I am bittersedans. Although the Italian is a great classic, the cars are plagued by numerous problems. Both electronically and motorically they are absolutely not flawless.

Autovision test with the Maserati 430

Before the problems became apparent, Autovisie (in 1988) drove the Maserati 430. “No gaudy Christmas tree, where the spoilers are sky high. The Maserati 430 is a stylish four-door sedan, the body of which has been known for almost five years. Here and there with a few light retouches (rear lights, front spoiler), but classic in line and with the allure of a separate brand.”

Maserati 430, occasion, occasions
The opportunity found. (Image: AutoTrack)

“At the Geneva Salon, the Maserati 430 was presented for the first time, complete with limited slip differential and with an engine power of 184 kW, or 250 hp at 5600 revolutions per minute. And with a huge torque. The six-cylinder (now with a bore of 94 mm and a crankshaft stroke extended to 67 mm) delivers 385 Nm at 3600 rpm in words.”

The used car has a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour

“At 2000 rpm, the acceleration violence already erupts. The two IHI (Japanese) water-cooled turbochargers then kick in and reach their maximum working pressure of 0.7 bar about a thousand revolutions later. The air compressed by this equipment is first passed through two intercoolers before being supplied to the combustion chamber. There it is mixed with fuel supplied by the Weber injection system et voilà, 250 horses. The performance of the Maserati 430 is very exclusive. It has a top speed of more than 240 kilometers per hour. The sprint to 100 kilometers per hour takes less than six seconds.”

Occasion with limited slip differential

“The final drive with differential is attached to the body with a separate suspension element. In that differential is a modified Torsen locking system. Named and patented by Maserati “Ranger”. According to the company, it provides 100% locking (the full torque would therefore go to one rear wheel under certain circumstances) and differs from the well-known Torsen differential due to the way in which the satellite wheels (in this case, twice three pieces) are mounted.”

Maserati 430, occasion, occasions
(Image: AutoTrack)

“The legroom in the front is limited, not every European will have enough space in the Maserati 430. The seats should be able to recline a little further. However, there is quite a lot of space in the back. However, the seat of the rear seat has been (deliberately?) kept quite short. The equipment is complete.”

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“Adjusting the steering wheel is done with a clumsy knob. This should tighten the steering column. That is difficult, there are nicer systems. For 129,000 guilders (1988), a beautiful piece of technology is bought, wrapped in an inconspicuous, but very exclusive skin. The Maserati 430 is a stylish Italian car with a six-cylinder engine that we will not easily forget.”

De Maserati 430 als occasion

Autovisie finds a Maserati 430 as an occasion. The editors drove exactly this car in 1988.

The occasion also comes from 1988 and has driven 77,825 kilometers since then. The seller is asking just about none for the car 19 mille – and that includes the Autovisie Magazine 1988.

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You want this occasion: Maserati 430, ‘civilized powerhouse’

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